Omegle Alternative - Free Random Stranger Text Chat

So, this is our version of Omegle's text chat. Don't worry, there are plenty of differences! First, we have the most important thing of all. And no, I'm not talking about nasty hairy old men, although I'm sure we do have some of those since it's impossible to get away from them. What I AM really talking about, is smilies! Yep, those little yellow faces with all sorts of crazy cool emotional expressions - we've got them! What now! Yea! Woohoo! Yippy! We so cool. Take that world! Okay, I'm done.

Anyway, we have here our alternative to sites like Omegle, and you might wonder why we bothered, since obviously there are already other places that exist that provide a similar service, and blah blah blah. Well, like I already said, SMILIES! Okay okay, I'll admit, there is another reason. PICTURE UPLOAD! Yeeee, we got that too. See, we're full of awesome suprises here at - we DO NOT disappoint, and that's what's up, ya dig? Anyway, the image upload option lets you upload your sweet pics and then insert them into conversations. This saves the hassle of having to go to some image uploader, upload the picture there, and then paste the link in the chat box, and then having to wait for the other person to go to it. It makes it easier for both people in the conversation, and that's what we call mutually beneficial!

So yea, I think it's pretty clear by now that our Omegle alternative is "da bomb". However, I will be the first to admit it isn't perfect - we could add so many more cool new features. And I will also admit that our competitors have some options that we don't have. BUT, you know what we do have? We have awesomeness. And that, my online friends whom I'm never met and probably never will meet, is what really matters in this world, am I right? Of course I am. Now write that down.

Alright, it's about that time where I should probably shut up and let you go do your thing. If you're still reading this, wow, you really have no life, but I salute you nonetheless. Now hurry up and start chatting, I'm getting bored of writing this...seriously...GO!